Who We Are

Elite Rides is the premiere locator and provider of the most sought after automobiles for the world’s most discriminating buyers. Our exclusive network of luxury dealers and expertise in shipping logistics, levies and overseas standards will instill confidence in your decision as Elite takes over the responsibilities of finding and delivering your dream vehicle anywhere in the world. Our experts will walk you through a step by step process and provide you with a white glove service that is second to none. Elite’s uniqueness in the exotic vehicle locating and transporting industry is derived from our 20 years of experience and our ability to listen to our customers, understanding exactly what they are looking for, and delivery upon the product and the service worldwide.

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Prior to the delivery of your vehicle, we also provide our buyers with several modification options that increase performance and enhance appearance. Our collaborative approach ensures that we will not only guarantee satisfaction, but exceed expectations. If you’re looking for the extraordinary and desire a complete experience, trust us to showcase our talents and put you behind the wheel of an Elite Ride that will evoke envy and instill admiration. For a full list of our modification options please refer to our services section and review some of our recent rides designs.