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At Elite Rides there is an expert for each partition of locating, transporting, designing and modifying a high-end vehicle. We are always interested in working with you to design a personal plan that works with you and your vehicle. For more information or to set up a personal consultation with an “Elite” specialist, please contact us via Email. Be sure to specify what services you are interested in and the best time to contact you, whether it be during the day or evening.

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Prior to the delivery of your vehicle, we also provide our buyers with several modification options that increase performance and enhance appearance. Our collaborative approach ensures that we will not only guarantee satisfaction, but exceed expectations. If you’re looking for the extraordinary and desire a complete experience, trust us to showcase our talents and put you behind the wheel of an Elite Ride that will evoke envy and instill admiration. For a full list of our modification options please refer to our services section and review some of our recent rides designs.